MetaVision Productions

Metavision Productions is a private agency on the Gold Coast, acting on behalf of Divine Womanhood, plus the Academe of Cosmic Intelligence. We are purposefully formed to enable residents on planet Earth a free flow of Greater Understanding from the overflowing wells of psyche representing Love energy.

As representatives of this agency we are here to impart to you what people already know within yet until now, being as they are superficial in mind and memory, has gone unnoticed. Certain memories essential to future living arrangements have been sorely neglected. We intend to provide expanded understandings of beauty and wisdom. We are inviting people to engage in new levels of improved health, a wealth of greater understanding and an enrichment of enduring relationships.

Divine Womanhood promotes New Styles of Community Living

We wish to make contact with women of all ages worldwide who would be interested in pioneering new dimensions of shared female energy.

Divine Womanhood offers fresh understanding of life worth sharing that upgrades females from present day social levels to more developed standards of wisdom, beauty, style, and grace. These desirable attributes are indicative of personable qualities, which are sadly diminished by male dominance in society today.


Medium and Speaker

Jézel first became aware of her destiny as a channel for cosmic energies in October 1997. A messenger of the Angels, the first channelled voice, spoke through her to tell her of the agreement she made aeons ago in an arena that is beyond space and time.

Messengers from the Angels continued to be her early teachers in energy channelling and still play a part in the many support systems involving the shifts of energy necessary on the planet as it moves into the realm of the Fifth Dimension. Jézel channels many cosmic entity/energies to benefit future outcomes. She continues to expand Love energy, assisting people to understand who they are as they come to terms with their destined future.

Jézel always carried an innate knowing of a greater awareness and how to assist people to work through their areas of problematic difficulties. That work is now in progress and she invites everyone to share in understandings that promote a greater sense of being.

The energy involved in shifting Earth and its species goes far beyond planetary and even cosmic levels. To feel the energy that is in rapport with all will move your very essence to awaken to Love energy. It is a beautiful experience waiting to happen, which we have no hesitation in calling realization.

Love is All



Satania in female form represents the face of the Mother energy. The face of the Divine Mother was unveiled in November 1996 by the Unnamed One. Now the female energy of wisdom and beauty, long denied to the female inhabitants of planet Earth is now available for reckoning. The fixed plaster cast of glamour, glitz and gloss can now be split asunder revealing the new style of Womanhood, which has always been prevalent, though somewhat lost in the midst of male domination.

The energy of Satania is motivated to link people of all persuasions to move messages of Love on local and international stages. Do you also have an interest in representing Love energy?

Satania will endorse into being an accord demonstrating the dynamic features of Divine Womanhood, wisdom, beauty, style and grace.



We are here to ignite the essential knowing of Love within the hearts and minds of all people. Our interest is in promoting a communal voice, a more developed understanding of female energy that we declare Divine Womanhood represents. We are purposely ordained and here to share new mind information and make the connection with a greater understanding of intelligence and Love essence.

The energy of Dauphinia was awoken in September 22 2000. It was no coincidence it was dated the spring of equinox. The awakening, as we like to call it, opened a connection to commune with greater energies of cosmic discernment. I, the persona, have experienced hundreds of channelled energy projections through my entire being, downloading me with cosmic information from beyond this planetary system. I have been involved with Metavision since this awakening for more than 20 years and know the download of information I receive is imperative for sharing as humanity moves into the Fifth Dimension.