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Love (Part 2) D.W Discussion

Love Love can never be thought. The energy is beyond ideas. The idea of unconditional love being bestowed on others collapses under the weight of its own foolishness of specific ownership of situations. What has been compiled by thought cannot be maintained or sustained for long. All thought is a conditioned activity drawn from out […]

Love (Part 1) D.W Discussion

LOVE Love is energy. Energy is Love. The manifestations are many and diverse in appearance.  Joy and grace are demonstrations in the experience of feeling.  We say when humans learn to release emotions and once more embrace feelings they will begin the process of unifying with their inner being of self. Today there is the […]

Enduring Relationships (Part 2)

We nominate them as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Relationship is a series of interactions and exchanges through life that can be experienced on different levels of consciousness. For the purpose of discussion we nominate them as primary, secondary and tertiary. They also are referred to initially as the stage of singularity, secondly individualistic talent and […]

Enduring Relationships (Part 1)

Enjoy the discussion on Enduring Relationships What does it mean to be in an enriching relationship?…  Balance, stability, passion, joie de vivre! The realization that the foundation of all life is LOVE will become established as the benchmark for appropriate procedures in enduring relationships. Relationships on a planetary level are a given, but enduring relationships are […]

The 4 S’s (Part 3)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality When we talk about the sensual level we are not talking necessarily as it being kinaesthetic.  Although kinaesthetic is a secondary level with it, so it will work. The sensuality is diving further into the female connectivity, into the female level of unison and absorption.  Sexuality comes more online with the […]

The 4 S’s (Part 2)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality Now if you are prepared to begin in the beginning, as the song says, it is a very good place to start with remembering sensibility, and when you are prepared to go through the various stages until you arrive at the peak of orgasm and the following quiet of afterglow then […]

The 4 S’s (Part 1)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality Introducing the four S’s, namely, sensibility, sensitivity, sensuality, and sexuality. What does sensibility mean? Sensibility is the five practical senses interacting with the physical brain, allowing sensory systems to play an integral part interpreting as they do the daily human activity of emotional thought. Then we have sensitivity, which goes beyond the practical […]

Ownership & Attachment (Part 2)

On Ownership and Attachment…. The ego is an overlay on the persona for the purpose of maintaining security. The expression of ‘I am’ reinforces the ego levels. We are not our egos though it carries a series of trained responses called emotions, which are triggered by fear and pain. The overlays have been used to […]

Ownership & Attachment (Part 1)

On Ownership and Attachment…. The moment your thoughts go into claiming ownership you have created an enemy of distortion within the mind. Planetary urges promote the desire for ownership. The desire to perform creditably, so that you can say with some pride I am some thing. Understand that, because when we are talking about the […]