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Female Energy Awareness (D.W Part 2)

Female Awareness So for the female energy to penetrate, to impregnate equality on this planet, it is necessary to step back from the obvious fields of competition, the one-upmanship that is glaringly obvious in societal frameworks.  As pioneers of a new mind and energy consciousness we are to go beyond one-upmanship. Let the males and […]

Female Energy Awareness (D.W Part 1)

Female Awareness An awareness of female programmed energy offers humanity the opportunity to link with a greater understanding realizing the energy that demonstrates life. Every human system carries both male and female characteristics and through recognising and giving consideration to female energy this enables us to attain  a more balanced arrangement of energy and mind. […]

The New Day of Female Energy is here!

The New Day Embrace the female in sisterhood.  Societal structuring for far too long has been distorted, misshapen by an overload of male conditioning, which in present times is rapidly weakening both male and female energy.  What is required today is a communal voice promoting a more developed understanding of energy in WOMANHOOD.  No single body […]

The New Female…

The New Day of Female Energy Love will have its recognition through advancing further understanding of female energy.  It will have its say through instigating female themes into embroidered skeins of greater intelligence. What is required in societies today for the broader benefit of functional development in communities are any number of female voices promoting a […]