Category: New Day of Female Energy

Female Energy Awareness

Female energy within itself is part of creation An awareness of female programmed energy offers humanity the opportunity to link with a greater understanding in realizing the cosmic energy that demonstrates life. Every human system carries both male and female characteristics. Through recognising and giving consideration to female energy this enables us to attain a […]

The 4 S’s

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality Introducing the four S’s, namely, sensibility, sensitivity, sensuality, and sexuality. What does sensibility mean? Sensibility is the five practical senses interacting with the physical brain, allowing sensory systems to play an integral part interpreting as they do the daily human activity of emotional thought. Then we have sensitivity, which goes beyond […]

The Four Faces of Womanhood

Beauty, wisdom, style and grace are obtainable. These four aspects are planetary elements of divine womanhood still waiting to be addressed.  On the deeper levels they offer working skills that can rearrange the viscous patterns so prevalent today in mal(e)content societies.  Used in a combined formation they carry an inherent strength to release fear and pain […]