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Heed the Call

Cosmic brothers, heed the callAll for one and one for allSend the Blue Star banner highWrite our message in the sky There is a light, a burning starThere is a family home afarWhile scattered out of cosmic fieldCompelling is our need to yield There‚Äôs a time, there is an hourWhen the pink rose is to […]

Divine Beauty of Womanhood

Beauty, Wisdom, Style & Grace What is in the light of the New DayIt is the remembrance of beautyFlooding your being with currents of energyGrace is the dew of warm oblivionShattering and scattering the myths of ego Beauty is seen through the reflective mirrorOf an appreciative mindBeauty cannot be measuredWhen you attempt to measure beautyYou […]

Story – The Ugly Duckling

The Metamorphosis  Once there was a waterbird that grew up amongst ducks.  Because it could not remember any other life separate from duckdom it considered itself to be a duck.  The other ducks knew it was not one of them but they allowed it to stay because they needed an object to mirror their pain.  So […]