Category: Understanding Divine Womanhood


ENERGY Love is energy. Energy is Love. Love energy is the foundation of life. The manifestations are many and diverse in appearance. Joy and grace are demonstrations of Love in the experience of feeling. We say when humans learn to release emotions and once more embrace feeling they will begin the process of unifying their […]

Enduring Relationships

The understanding of Life is maintained within each of us The realization that the foundation of all life is LOVE will become established as the benchmark for appropriate procedures in enduring relationships of endearing quality. The understanding of Life is maintained within each of us. So the enduring relationship that you are meant to locate […]

Ownership & Attachment

On Ownership and Attachment The moment your thoughts go into claiming ownership you have created an enemy of distortion within the mind. Two areas that block the advancement of human relationships and greater understanding are ownership and denial. They do not allow the internal function of beauty, wisdom and the enjoyment or the enjoinment of […]