Category: Understanding Divine Womanhood

The Offer – What is Divine Womanhood (D.W)?

Communal Purpose The wording of Divine Womanhood is set up to promote the full qualities of Womanhood. Divine Womanhood offers the opportunity to have a greater understanding of the energy that represents Life.  We call the energy, Love. The aim is to reclaim the lost ground of female energy that was forced to submerge under the systematic […]

The Divine Womanhood Movement…

Reclaim Lost Ground Divine Womanhood is specifically designed to introduce to the quality measures of Wisdom, Beauty, Style and Grace that in female expression endorses Love energy. People have been misled by ideas that promote love as a feeling expressed in the main towards others who are seen as attractive. Divine Womanhood has been set up […]

The ‘4’ Faces of Womanhood

Beauty, wisdom, style and grace are obtainable. These four aspects are planetary elements of divine womanhood still waiting to be addressed.  On the deeper levels they offer working skills that can rearrange the viscous patterns so prevalent today in mal(e)content societies.  Used in a combined formation they carry an inherent strength to release fear and pain […]