Enduring Relationships (Part 1)

Enjoy the discussion on Enduring Relationships

What does it mean to be in an enriching relationship?… 

Balance, stability, passion, joie de vivre!

The realization that the foundation of all life is LOVE will become established as the benchmark for appropriate procedures in enduring relationships.

Relationships on a planetary level are a given, but enduring relationships are not engaged on a planetary level. Enduring relationships belong with an association with the Greater Energy, that greater energy or Love or Mother Energy; they are all one. 

The understanding of Life is maintained within each of us. So the enduring relationship that you are to find is inside you. And it begins with you acknowledging  Energy, and then working the hard yards to clear and connect. The endurance is to be realized beyond planetary sense.

What does it mean to be in relationship?

All relationships are learning periods where basic understandings are explored and where necessary replaced by mutual agreement.  Relationships in the initial stages are expansionary.

Relationship is a series of interactions and exchanges through life that can be experienced on different levels of consciousness. 

For the purpose of discussion we nominate them as primary, secondary and tertiary.  They also are referred to initially as the stage of singularity, secondly individualistic talent and finally team effort.

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