Enduring Relationships

The understanding of Life is maintained within each of us

The opportunities to release areas of happiness lie within each of us

The realization that the foundation of all life is LOVE will become established as the benchmark for appropriate procedures in enduring relationships of endearing quality.

The understanding of Life is maintained within each of us. So the enduring relationship that you are meant to locate is inside you also. It begins with you acknowledging the Greater Energy, the Great Mother and then working through some hard yards to endorse yourself as their child. So endurance is to be realised beyond planetary sense.

Relationship is a series of interactions and exchanges through life that can be experienced on different levels of consciousness. For the purpose of discussion we nominate them as primary, secondary and tertiary. They also are referred to initially as three stages of singularity, secondly individualistic talent and finally team effort.

In primary terms the consideration is on the physical aspects of associated planetary living and an introduction in learning to fit into tribal, read social, behavioural patterns. The available information is generally formed from knowledge and is imparted by teaching and observation of others.

Within the primary field there is a secondary stage available that is more mentally advanced though still dependent on external sourcing, which science adopts as universal laws. These areas of idealism are without foundation, and magnify the desirability of immortality where emotions and beliefs are substituted as building blocks of glamour and self esteem. Thinking lacks reassurance and subsequently demands security. Emotions act as an interference to disturb rationality. These controlling elements, built by flawed beliefs, wilfully act as a substitution for feelings. In turn there is a denial of a greater connection, maintained through the pain of separation.

The individual in various ways breaks through the mental boundaries of containment. Life then becomes a smorgasbord where it is possible to invite those willing features with similar traits and talents to share a cosmic meal of love energy. Want and need are declined as unnecessary considerations seen as self-absorption and no longer desirable. Each day is welcomed as an opportunity for removal of societal dross contained in beliefs and an opening to develop fresh interests in cosmic relationship.

The tertiary stage is a dawning level of energy that is cosmically designed. The foundation of love becomes acceptable and thus is seated in its appropriate place as a rightful member of a greater family. Advanced understandings are housed in the soul area of the person, which should not be confused with the planetary persona. The persona carries a series of masks donned for the purpose of disclaiming responsibility of self-knowing. The soul carries an energy field containing computerized information that is similar to a satellite tracking station.

Each child at the approximate age of one to three years was destined to be disconnected. Through the interaction of soul and planetary presence Love permeates all being and influences whatever surrounds. To a degree personal development can be moved to more advanced levels simply by clearing away wasted material that hinders growth. This state of mind is achievable by bringing the conditioned mind harbouring beliefs into balance.

The opportunities to release areas of happiness lie within each of us. Most people are never trained in learning to ask the appropriate questions to find release. Humans en mass are deliberately cultivated to be insecure. Insecurities undermine relationships through a lack of trust, a hungry need for affection, which relates to a requirement for constant reassurance from outside agencies. When a person is balanced, complete, esteem is no longer an issue for consideration.

Relationships fail because of lack of consideration for our selves. As children we were trained to give ourselves away. Learning to appreciate ourselves requires an amount of unlearning.

It takes more than an introduction in a singles bar or a face book page to establish friendships of quality and light up an appreciation of shared interests. The enjoyable qualities of sensitive and sensible living are to come from within, formed as a desire for companionship with equality and unity as living standards of shared benefits.

The light of truth and greater understanding is available to those who allow that no external singular persona will satisfy the requirements of the hidden treasure contained in each of us. These gems are scattered within the psyche and can be recovered by diving or digging within our selves, or as a shared venture when we link hands with like-minded others.

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