Enduring Relationships (Part 2)

We nominate them as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary

Relationship is a series of interactions and exchanges through life that can be experienced on different levels of consciousness. For the purpose of discussion we nominate them as primary, secondary and tertiary. They also are referred to initially as the stage of singularity, secondly individualistic talent and finally team effort.

In primary terms the consideration is on the physical aspects of associated living and an introduction to learning about life and fitting into tribal, read social, behavior patterns. The learning is referenced to memory within the portion of the brain that is planetary monitored and carries the processes for rational thinking that is referred to as normal. The available information is generally formed from knowledge and is imparted by teaching and observation.

Within the primary field there is a secondary stage available that is more mentally advanced though still dependent on external sourcing, which science adopts as universal laws. It furthers the development of human strategy by association with the fourth dimensional areas contained in the psyche. These areas of determined resolution without foundation, called idealism, magnify the desirability of immortality where emotions and beliefs are substituted as building blocks of glamour and esteem to the exclusion of worth. 

These narrow tracks of focused of attention form frames of ego in an attempt to build platforms of authority as a protective security against problem living that denies the requirement of sharing.

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