Female Energy Awareness (D.W Part 1)

Female Awareness

Smell the Rose

An awareness of female programmed energy offers humanity the opportunity to link with a greater understanding realizing the energy that demonstrates life. Every human system carries both male and female characteristics and through recognising and giving consideration to female energy this enables us to attain  a more balanced arrangement of energy and mind.

Female energy is understated and therefore underrated in society today. This has been the case in whatever went before and still remains in many cases like stagnant pools of unexercised beauty and wisdom.

Social structuring for far too long has been distorted, misshapen by male conditioning, which in present times, functions as an overload of technological interference demonstrating as knowledge, which is rapidly depleting energy planes in both male and female fields of endeavour.

Historically women gave away their strength in deference to male energy. The power woman of feminism is still caught and bound by the male energy of free will and choice. Rather than continue to be power driven it is time to locate the inner strength in female character and embrace wisdom and beauty rather than remain subservient to male ideas of dominance.  A paternalistic society came into play where will and power held both sway and say, where wisdom and beauty were belittled and summarily locked away. 

For that purpose the enacting of Divine Womanhood today is necessary to equalize the differences and provide a balance missing between male and female relationship.

Even though we are on the eve of massive shifts in consciousness on this planet, the symbolic male overall still holds onto the gladiator phase of male superiority. The female in wishing to either equalise or usurp male dominance ends up engendering those same controlling features and lessens the soul essentials denoting Womanhood that is her heritage.

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