Female Energy Awareness

Female energy within itself is part of creation

Smell the Rose

An awareness of female programmed energy offers humanity the opportunity to link with a greater understanding in realizing the cosmic energy that demonstrates life. Every human system carries both male and female characteristics. Through recognising and giving consideration to female energy this enables us to attain a more balanced arrangement of energy and mind.

Female energy is understated and therefore underrated in society today. Historically, women gave away their strength in deference to male energy. The power woman of feminism is still caught and bound by the male energy of free will and choice. It is now time to locate the inner strength in female character and embrace wisdom and beauty rather than remain subservient to male ideas of dominance. For that purpose the enacting of Divine Womanhood today is necessary to equalize the differing attitudes and provide a balance missing between male and female relationship.

For the female energy to penetrate, to impregnate equality on this planet, it is necessary to step back from the obvious fields of competition, the one-upmanship that is glaringly obvious in societal frameworks today. Let the males and their admiring sycophants stay bedazzled by their muscled frameworks on display. The New Day females are beyond that ploy at play. The female energy does not push for advantage or ownership. That is not the way of the Great Mother energy, which is synonymous with female energy.

Female energy within itself is part of creation. It creates through Love energy. Love does not happen through will, nor expectation, nor motivation, or any other movement nominated as power driven. Let go of attack, control, and defence. The way through into the new life is absorption. The energy that encompasses all is Love. What a beautiful journey is involved in uncovering first the essence within our selves. The discovery and recovery of self is not to be found outside; it is located within each of our being.

Each of us within ourselves has the opportunity to go forward and place accurately the touch marks of the brush on the living canvas and then have the acuity like the artist to be able to step back and see that what has been applied is suitable. Each of us can do that with ease when we are clear of ownership, clear of argument, clear of abusive controls that mar our future development.

We as pioneers of new levels in consciousness are dedicated to the revival of the female energy, the inner strength of the womb. Female energy awareness enables us to see wisdom for that which it carries in worth. We can see beauty for its value without the make up of persona. We can see style for its suitable shaping form of delivery. And we can acknowledge grace for its involvement in peace.

It is the warmth of female futuristic strength that is to ignite the flame of beauty, wisdom, style and grace. It is important that we do not define them separately. Wisdom, Beauty, Style, Grace, are one within a flowing movement of female energy. They cannot effectively be broken apart to suit any planetary framed idealism. They are badges of merit that planetary females will wear with authentic pride.

The greater purpose for humankind will be activated through the involved character seated within the women of the world. Women will be the ones to foster and enhance unity and equality within a strengthened community. Women carry this innate facet in life that is nurturing, uplifting and encouraging. Through the enrichment of Love women will demonstrate the willingness and passion necessary to promote harmony within enduring relationships, whether it is with partners, or with family, or their extended community.

Women, whether they are aware of it or not at this time, are on the march. The world as we were taught as children to endorse is no longer the province of male controlling interests. Now is the time for the eyes of awakening women to seek the understanding of a lost heritage, and the existent true purpose available when entering a future freely lived in Love energy. Women are taking back the reins of leadership as we go about our designated work of bringing planetary children Home.

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