Female Energy Awareness (D.W Part 2)

Female Awareness

Female Energy
Smell the Rose

So for the female energy to penetrate, to impregnate equality on this planet, it is necessary to step back from the obvious fields of competition, the one-upmanship that is glaringly obvious in societal frameworks.  As pioneers of a new mind and energy consciousness we are to go beyond one-upmanship. Let the males and their admiring sychophants stay bedazzled by their muscled frameworks on display.  The New Day females are beyond that play.

The Mother’s children are working with wisdom. Beauty is entwined or encapsulated with wisdom, style and grace. But nowhere in that mix is the idea of one-upmanship, superiority, the need to stand up and be counted as combatants intent on seeking control. Nowhere are the Mother’s children required to be part of quantitative research engaged in exploiting human affairs.

The male power edge contains strands of barbed wire that stress.  We are required in the female format to move back from those cutting areas. It is not that we are to stand up and be counted…and that has generally been the old way with, ‘yep, I am in there and I am doing it,’ one of the number that is in there fighting the good fight for female acknowledgement. That is what so-called feminists are doing, taking a stance; one that will be destined to fall asunder as it is without permission and thus has no foundation in the Mother energy.

Female strength does not have to yell, scream, or shout to be heard.  What will be heard is the intake of breath that will startle the attention towards the energy. And when there is the outlet of breath Womanhood will be fully involved.

So it might appear to you that you are stepping back and you are not involved, that you are being seen as less than.

The female energy will not push for advantage. That is not the way of the female energy. So it is time to stop and realise that is not the way of the female energy. That may be the way of the female persona who uses that portion of energy for her own advantage, but it is not the way of the Great Mother, which is synonymous with female energy.

The female energy does not push, does not shove, does not own, does not look for advantage, does not expect, nor does it create in the way that people on the planet would have an expectation of receiving.

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