Female Energy Awareness (D.W Part 3)

Female Awareness

Female Energy
Smell the Rose

Female energy within itself is part of the creation. It creates through Love energy. Love does not happen through will, nor expectation, nor motivation, or any other movement you wish to nominate as power driven.

So as bizarre as it may seem the way through into new life is absorption. The way through is not attack or defence. The female energy does not and will not push or shove in that respect. The Love energy is all consuming, all creative, inductive, not capable of defence or attack, that which you have been used to on this planet and in the cosmic forums of control.

We as pioneers of new levels in consciousness are dedicated to the revival of the female energy and the return to balance between genders. Female energy carries the inner strength of the womb, which is not available via overbearing avenues of male attitude.

Only female energy through refusing to endorse disparate and disorderly conduct in mental performance, can undo the entangled lines of what masculine energy has severely knotted during eons of misadventure.

The energy that encompasses all is Love. So how do we integrate with Love, is the question posed for humanistic and cosmic discovery. What a beautiful journey is involved in integrating that uncovering first within our selves. Because the discovery and recovery of self is not to be found outside, it is located within each of our being.

However, though we seek the internal the outside layers can be useful. Like the artist that steps back from his work to see that what he has employed on the canvas is most suitable. So each of us can do that. We have the ability to be able to judge clearly our beautiful features and included in those features are the four elements of female energy, Wisdom, Beauty, Style, and Grace.

Each of us within ourselves have the opportunity to go forward and place accurately the touch marks of the brush and then have the acuity to be able to step back and see what has been applied is suitable. Each of us can do that with ease when we are clear of ownership, clear of argument, clear of abusive controls that mar our future development.


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