Divine Womanhood

There is to be a balancing of male and female energy. Male energy has dominated humanity long enough. There is to be a reclaiming of the female energy worldwide and a progression of joy, harmony and balance that starts from within and overflows into personal, family and communal relationships.

There is a new level of female development now being made available to those who instinctively know there is more to living than what society is providing. It offers a seventh wave of energetic appeal embracing female wisdom and beauty. Divine Womanhood introduces the missing features necessary to develop the cosmic female, the purveyor of intimacy and sensitivity in demonstrating Love, Wisdom and Beauty.

Graciousness of character and fresh forms of stylishness symbolize as the opening petals of an awakened flower. Wherever these essential understandings are made apparent the true meaning of Womanhood in all its radiant splendour will take the people of the world by storm. The message of Love it imparts to the world will flow wherever the four winds blow.

Our purpose is to promote new dimensional levels of womanhood bringing forth from each core self the portrayal of beauty, wisdom, style, and grace.