Love (Final – Part 3) D.W Discussion


Love is All

The love that presently indulges human interest is a mirage, a reflection from memory. It does not carry substance. Human love of this day cannot hang on or in.  It is made up of shadows that shift and change in response to the flickering lamps lighting the performers. The sentimental and sugar sweet songs of devotion that are continuously, monotonously, repeated cannot satisfy the soul.  If they did they would not need to be repeated.

Love offers certain areas of individuality. Though you cannot condense the enormity of Love you can involve yourself with certain distinctive patterns. One of those areas is touch. When you put your hand out to Love in the willingness to touch then Love will touch you. But if you do not put your hand out Love will not respond. So it is probably fair to say that for humans Love can be seen as a responsive energy. It does not push itself onto people.  So then you have to make yourself available and you are to do that without wearing planetary armour plating. Filling ourselves with cosmic energy is created by emptying out all beliefs, influences, and opinions.  We do not find Love. When we surrender Love accepts us.  Good works will not achieve this, for in that way there is an exercising of will or free will.  Sit still and allow what will.

Love does not ask anyone to pray. Nor does it say, “We have the answer.”  Love gives of its energy.

We can reference vibration as some likeness towards energy, and receive instances from a depth of knowing, which is drawn from memory.  We in turn call this instilled memory by various titles, such as Home, Love, Nothingness, Energy, the Ocean, the Great Mother, the Eternal, and the Deep Blue Sea. It is one thing to give names of reference to the nameless energy but extensive description is best left to the minds of those who are incapable of feeling.

Love is All


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