Love generates the warm embrace of energy

Love is energy. Energy is Love. Love energy is the foundation of life. The manifestations are many and diverse in appearance. Joy and grace are demonstrations of Love in the experience of feeling. We say when humans learn to release emotions and once more embrace feeling they will begin the process of unifying their inner being of true self. Today there is the opportunity for any person to walk out of the maze of confused duality of besotted thinking when they are no longer involved with discriminatory thought patterns.

Love can never be thought. The energy is beyond ideas. To speak of giving across to others unconditional love is to impose conditions onto them. The idea of unconditional love being bestowed on others collapses under the weight of its own foolishness of specific ownership of situations. Whatever has been compiled by thought cannot be maintained or sustained for long. All thought is a conditioned activity drawn from out of the reflexive cells of memory. Therefore whatever people think and then say reinforces some prior conditioning.

Love generates the warm embrace of energy that supports all. It is not contained. Nor divided. Never selective. Love exists everywhere in every thing and yet to the human senses is not apparent. When people become immersed in Love they lose all sense of pain, fear, and ideas of separation. Learn to concede, to give away or over the smaller things of trivia, those thoughts that clutter our busy lives, and be more resourceful in engaging with the bigger things that matter most.

What is missing in the life of each person? It is an understanding of Love energy within that has been withheld for eons. Simply put humans are divided by a separation of some force that denies togetherness, completeness and wholeness. Because of this situation human life is deprived of the necessary levels of energy coming from Love. The planetary love that presently indulges human interest is a mirage, a reflection from cosmic memory. It does not carry substance. Then to receive substance you are to make yourself available and do that without wearing planetary style armour plating for protection.

Love offers certain areas of individuality. Though you cannot condense the enormity of Love you can involve yourself with certain distinctive patterns. One of those areas is touch. When you put your hand out to Love in the willingness to touch others then Love will embrace you. But if you do not care to put your hand out Love offers no response.

Filling ourselves with cosmic energy is created by emptying out all beliefs, influences, and sanguine opinions. We do not find Love by intention or intervention. When we surrender Love accepts us. Voluntary good works will not achieve this, for in that way or manner there is still an exercising of will or freewill. Sit still and allow that which will appear without prejudice. Love gives of its energy without demonstration.

We can reference vibration as some likeness towards energy, and receive instances of experience from a depth of knowing, which are articles drawn from memory. We in turn call this instilled memory by various titles, such as Home, Love, Nothingness, Energy, the Ocean, the Great Mother, the Eternal, and the Deep Blue Sea. It is one thing to give names of reference to nameless energy, but extensive description is best left to the minds of those who as yet are incapable of endorsing feeling.


  • How beautifully Love is described in this article…: “not contained, not divided and never selective”
    great food for thought and contemplation 🙂


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