Love (Part 2) D.W Discussion


Love can never be thought. The energy is beyond ideas. The idea of unconditional love being bestowed on others collapses under the weight of its own foolishness of specific ownership of situations. What has been compiled by thought cannot be maintained or sustained for long.

All thought is a conditioned activity drawn from out of the reflexive cells of memory. Therefore what people think and then say reinforces some prior conditioning. This only enmeshes the mind into deeper areas of denial through the use of compulsive repetition. It has been said of people that a lie repeated often enough will be taken on as truth.

Love generates the warm embrace of energy that supports all.  It is not contained. Nor divided. Never selective. Love exists and yet to the human senses is not apparent. 

When people become immersed in Love they lose all sense of pain, fear, and ideas of separation. To find that inner space there is a requirement to give over coveting what does not matter, what is of no concern, to reduce the heat of temperament. Learn to concede, to give away or over the smaller things of trivia, those thoughts that clutter our lives, and be more resourceful in engaging with the big things.

What is missing in the life of each person? It is an understanding of Love energy within that has been withheld. Love that is fostered by a parentage that is not yet apparent. Simply put humans are divided by a separation of some force that denies togetherness, completeness or wholeness. Because of this human life is deprived of the necessary levels of energy coming from Love.

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