Ownership & Attachment

On Ownership and Attachmen

Ownership - The Locks
Planetary urges promote the desire for ownership

The moment your thoughts go into claiming ownership you have created an enemy of distortion within the mind. Two areas that block the advancement of human relationships and greater understanding are ownership and denial. They do not allow the internal function of beauty, wisdom and the enjoyment or the enjoinment of all that expresses Love.

Planetary urges promote the desire for ownership. The desire to perform creditably, so that you can say with some pride, ‘I am some thing’. So when we are talking about the idea of ownership, it is always about the presumption that I am some thing.

People talk about finding abundance. By the time they find it they have forgotten why they ever wanted it. We are to find what we have never lost and lose what we never had. No one can claim ownership on what is more than who they are. To be in equality is to lose ownership. Therefore ownership is only available on what is seen as less.

The overlays of ego have been used to build protective walls to maintain security and to protect the fragile or timid mind from external interference. It is a catch 22 situation. What the mind fears are adverse memories that are beyond the comprehension of the rational mind. The perceived enemy is within. The trained response of the fearful mind is to send blame outwards because its own security system depends on what is within the walls being seen as okay. Egoistic practices of superiority and humility as displayed by religions are mentally obsessive, predatory, and rely on claims of ownership for validation.

To move out of the agitation of the fearful mind we are to find agreement within. We can balance through mental exercises and a procedure of bouncing the ball. Eliminate doubt where there is no emotional ownership and you cannot be affected. The more you deny you have mental/emotional ownership the more you are sucked into the game of duality. So the only way through and past whatever is the issue in question is simply to lose interest in an outcome.

Who has an ownership on god sense? What is god? God is another name for ownership. When you own something you are a tin god. What is it that you own? While you own your lies in belief you are into god sense and that is nonsense. Ownership is about holding on to some lie to justify the way you are. Such is the paradoxical growth of entanglement caused by separation.

How much attachment do you still have to the social world? Are you able to detach yourself from the social situations that surround people? If you are still caught up in the ideas of argument, where you want to argue your planetary space then you have got a certain amount of wearing down to do. If you are able to step away and move into allowance, you are not going to get caught up in the planetary schemes of ownership and attachments.

Surface choice is what the ego world offers. In the egocentric mind, people think that they are given choice. Choice, freedom and freewill are hooks fashioned to catch the attention of the ignorant. Stepping back to see the bigger picture will show you the hook if such an intention exists. The bait usually looks and sounds delicious.

Once you take the bait then you are hooked, especially in the emotions of personal relationships. When you can stand outside these areas without interest then you will not become attached or attracted to them, and you can move through areas of pain very quickly. When you move outside of the picture then you will not get caught up in the game.

Understand that we are conductors of energy and as such we do not own anything. Loss or lack of energy comes from the pain of ownership. By ownership the meaning is demonstrated by the carrying of emotions, which you feel are rightly yours to display. Give them away and allow that the greater energy will provide and you will move into the next level of learning, which is experimenting with an understanding of feelings.

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