Ownership & Attachment (Part 1)

On Ownership and Attachment….

Ownership - The Locks
On Ownership and Attachment….

The moment your thoughts go into claiming ownership you have created an enemy of distortion within the mind.

Planetary urges promote the desire for ownership. The desire to perform creditably, so that you can say with some pride I am some thing. Understand that, because when we are talking about the idea of ownership, it is always about the presumption that I am some thing.

Two areas that block the advancement of human relationships and greater understanding are ownership and denial. These two areas are separated as they do not allow the internal function of beauty, wisdom and the enjoyment or the enjoinment of all that expresses Love.

People talk about finding abundance. By the time they find it they have forgotten why they ever wanted it.  We are to find what we have never lost and lose what we never had. No one can claim ownership on what is more than who they are. To be in equality is to lose ownership.  Therefore ownership is only available on what is seen as less.

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