Ownership & Attachment (Part 2)

On Ownership and Attachment….

The ego is an overlay on the persona for the purpose of maintaining security. The expression of ‘I am’ reinforces the ego levels. We are not our egos though it carries a series of trained responses called emotions, which are triggered by fear and pain.

The overlays have been used to build protective walls to protect the fragile or timid mind from external interference. It is a catch 22 situation. What the mind fears are adverse memories that are beyond the comprehension of the rational mind.  The perceived enemy is within. The trained response of the fearful mind is to send blame outwards because its own security system depends on what is within the walls being seen as okay. Egoistic practices of superiority and humility as displayed by religions are mentally obsessive, predatory, and rely on claims of ownership for validation.

To move out of the agitation of the fearful mind we are to find agreement within. We can balance through mental exercises and a procedure of bouncing the ball. Elimination of doubt is effectively removed through an acceptance of nothing. What will follow is the smooth running of the mind machine without interference. Where there is no emotional ownership we cannot be affected.

What we are saying is simply this: the more you deny you have mental/emotional ownership the more you are sucked into the game of duality. So the only way through and past whatever is the issue in question is simply to lose interest in an outcome.

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