Reclaiming of the Female Identity


The me, that which is me, is part of a GREATER ME.

Learn to give respect to the me of who you are, rather than buying a description somebody else sees fit to label or dump on you because of distinction of sex, age, physical features, characterization, coloured dreams of ideals of sexual preference.

The I, the persona, is what are carried in the roles you play as teenager, mother, businesswoman, wife, carer, but WHO ARE YOU? 

Can anybody on this planet answer that question without dribbling new age nonsense or planetary social gibberish?

Appreciation of self is about learning to close the gap of separation between WHO you are and WHAT you are perceived to be.

Learn the new dance of female indifference to naming and blaming called ‘the shoulder shrug’.  When women can shed the lies spread as a denial of female beauty, a New Day of greater understanding arrives.

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