Divine Beauty of Womanhood

Beauty, Wisdom, Style & Grace

The me, that which is Me, is part of a greater ME.

What is in the light of the New Day
It is the remembrance of beauty
Flooding your being with currents of energy
Grace is the dew of warm oblivion
Shattering and scattering the myths of ego

Beauty is seen through the reflective mirror
Of an appreciative mind
Beauty cannot be measured
When you attempt to measure beauty
You will not succeed
What does it take for the buds to flower

The glow of colour permeates your being
See hair flowing in long golden strands
Slightly blowing in the breeze
While the eyes are clear
Move into these aqua depths
Do not forget the sweet smile on her face
Feel the stream of love energy running through your veins

You are to be prepared
To stand in the light
And stand up to the mike
To declare the energy you carry
To speak of beauty and wisdom
Of grace, of joy, of gaiety, of elegance, of wit

The womanhood of tomorrow
Is the unrevealed gift
The women carry the womb
To take in what is necessary
How beautiful

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