Story – The Ugly Duckling

The Metamorphosis 

Once there was a waterbird that grew up amongst ducks.  Because it could not remember any other life separate from duckdom it considered itself to be a duck.  The other ducks knew it was not one of them but they allowed it to stay because they needed an object to mirror their pain.  So they pointed out that the features of the young bird did not match their image of beauty.  Of course, in this manner of ways they could not feel their pain. They were too busy labelling the misfit as an ugly duckling.

One day a flock of swans flew in and settled on the water. When they saw the ugly duckling they remarked on how beautiful she was. ‘Do you not know you are a swan?’ they asked. ‘Do you not know that you are meant to fly higher and further than ducks? Swans are required to fly high because the lower levels of vibration are restricting and painful to endure. Swans have a purpose in life that ducks are not yet ready to experience. Come with us. We will show you how to spread your wings.’

The young swan listened to the words of explanation. ‘Will you teach me how to be a swan?’ it asked.

The older swans laughed. ‘We cannot teach you what you already are. However, we can remind you of the skills and strength you carry.’ When the swans lifted off the young swan went with them. What a glorious feeling it is when the wings widen to experience what was always meant to be.

The Call Within

The swan in imitating the ducks does not learn to spread its wings to full extension.  Because it does not fly at heights commensurate with its abilities it is compelled to live a life of cramped solitude.  The imitation causes irritations, which are like perverse itches that cannot be scratched.

One day loneliness like a cloud moves over the swan.  It is a movement of feeling born from instinct.  There is a new direction that opens, set contrary to its present path.  The swan flexes its wings and the reflection in the water is truly amazing.

It knows that the ducks have been its companions since planetary birth yet the call within to find its own character is overwhelming.  The flight in consciousness it must take is one that cannot be shared with ducks.  Ignoring the quacking of ducks that warn of disaster the swan slowly and gracefully, almost lazily, starts its move across the waters.  When it finds the required level of flight it unerringly turns its head for home.

Footnote:  Sometimes planetary pain can blind certain people to an understanding of their true self, yet the energy they carry is obvious to other creatures, who have already spread their wings.  The call within instigates a shift of mind consciousness that can be described as a form of awakening; the realisation that each of us was born with a gifted purpose.

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