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The New Day of Female Energy is here!

The New Day Embrace the female in sisterhood.  Societal structuring for far too long has been distorted, misshapen by an overload of male conditioning, which in present times is rapidly weakening both male and female energy.  What is required today is a communal voice promoting a more developed understanding of energy in WOMANHOOD.  No single body […]

The Offer – What is Divine Womanhood (D.W)?

Communal Purpose The wording of Divine Womanhood is set up to promote the full qualities of Womanhood. Divine Womanhood offers the opportunity to have a greater understanding of the energy that represents Life.  We call the energy, Love. The aim is to reclaim the lost ground of female energy that was forced to submerge under the systematic […]

The New Female…

The New Day of Female Energy Love will have its recognition through advancing further understanding of female energy.  It will have its say through instigating female themes into embroidered skeins of greater intelligence. What is required in societies today for the broader benefit of functional development in communities are any number of female voices promoting a […]

The ‘4’ Faces of Womanhood

Beauty, wisdom, style and grace are obtainable. These four aspects are planetary elements of divine womanhood still waiting to be addressed.  On the deeper levels they offer working skills that can rearrange the viscous patterns so prevalent today in mal(e)content societies.  Used in a combined formation they carry an inherent strength to release fear and pain […]

Beauty of Womanhood

What is the light of the New DayIt is the remembrance of beautyFlooding females with currents of energyGrace is the dew of warm oblivionShattering and scattering the myths of ego Beauty is seen through the reflective mirrorOf an appreciative mindBeauty cannot be measuredWhen you attempt to measure beautyYou will not succeed What does it take […]

What is Wisdom?

Where does wisdom derive? Wisdom comes as dewdrops to those who wait with an empty cup. Wisdom: The ability to accept whatever is required to assess and demonstrates truth. Wisdom: Being able to understand a situation and deliver the appropriate consideration without having to rely on trained knowledge. Wisdom: is demonstrated from Knowing, not knowledge. […]

Beauty is not Skin Deep

Beauty & Truth Dance… Beauty and Truth dance in harmony. Wherever Beauty touches base, as in the heart, Truth establishes a benchmark, useful for determining future growth in greater understanding. Beauty is seen through the reflective mirror of an appreciative mind. Such is BeautyA chandelier aligned with truthAs strength aligns with unityAs wisdom aligns with […]