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The 4 S’s (Part 3)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality When we talk about the sensual level we are not talking necessarily as it being kinaesthetic.  Although kinaesthetic is a secondary level with it, so it will work. The sensuality is diving further into the female connectivity, into the female level of unison and absorption.  Sexuality comes more online with the […]

The 4 S’s (Part 2)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality Now if you are prepared to begin in the beginning, as the song says, it is a very good place to start with remembering sensibility, and when you are prepared to go through the various stages until you arrive at the peak of orgasm and the following quiet of afterglow then […]

The 4 S’s (Part 1)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality Introducing the four S’s, namely, sensibility, sensitivity, sensuality, and sexuality. What does sensibility mean? Sensibility is the five practical senses interacting with the physical brain, allowing sensory systems to play an integral part interpreting as they do the daily human activity of emotional thought. Then we have sensitivity, which goes beyond the practical […]

The Divine Womanhood Movement…

Reclaim Lost Ground Divine Womanhood is specifically designed to introduce to the quality measures of Wisdom, Beauty, Style and Grace that in female expression endorses Love energy. People have been misled by ideas that promote love as a feeling expressed in the main towards others who are seen as attractive. Divine Womanhood has been set up […]