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Love (Part 2) D.W Discussion

Love Love can never be thought. The energy is beyond ideas. The idea of unconditional love being bestowed on others collapses under the weight of its own foolishness of specific ownership of situations. What has been compiled by thought cannot be maintained or sustained for long. All thought is a conditioned activity drawn from out […]

Love (Part 1) D.W Discussion

LOVE Love is energy. Energy is Love. The manifestations are many and diverse in appearance.  Joy and grace are demonstrations in the experience of feeling.  We say when humans learn to release emotions and once more embrace feelings they will begin the process of unifying with their inner being of self. Today there is the […]

The Divine Womanhood Movement…

Reclaim Lost Ground Divine Womanhood is specifically designed to introduce to the quality measures of Wisdom, Beauty, Style and Grace that in female expression endorses Love energy. People have been misled by ideas that promote love as a feeling expressed in the main towards others who are seen as attractive. Divine Womanhood has been set up […]