The ‘4’ Aspects of Womanhood

Down through the ages of male domination the aspects of female involvement could be demonstrated in four faces. 

The appropriateness of their positions in male hegemony assigns the Princess to the lounge room, the Nun to the library, the Witch to the kitchen and the Slut to the bedroom. 

If we continue to run with that form of ideology females are doomed to be classified as such into robotic forms that operate to continue satisfying the whims of male superiority and demand. For the female advancement into the New Day the old male description of woman is to be replaced with the adoption of Divine Womanhood.

Beauty, Wisdom, Style and Grace
Caring features of the Mother’s face
Gifts denied women though not by choice
So let us discover a communal voice

Female energy bred the human race
It is time for rightful pride of place
Men can only stand up and cheer
When female traits from Love appear’.

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