The Four Faces of Womanhood

Beauty, wisdom, style and grace are obtainable.

These four aspects are planetary elements of divine womanhood still waiting to be addressed.  On the deeper levels they offer working skills that can rearrange the viscous patterns so prevalent today in mal(e)content societies.  Used in a combined formation they carry an inherent strength to release fear and pain from out of the human system.

As the opening bud of a flower parts to reveal the seeded stamen of procreative renewal the mind and heart of each female entity is destined to break asunder when the expansive pressure applied through these four elements gathers continuum.  Only then will the scattered pieces of dislocation from separation rejoin with an alacrity and accuracy that engenders peaceful action.

Societal structuring for far too long has been distorted, misshaped by an overload of male conditioning, which in present times, by an overload of technological interference demonstrating as knowledge, is rapidly weakening energy planes in both male and female fields.

Only female energy through the act of nullity, a refusal to endorse disparate and disorderly conduct in mental performance, can undo the entangled lines of what masculine energy has severely knotted during eons of misadventure.

Now is the time for the eyes of awakening women to widen with such clarity of expression that will win over the hearts and minds of those who still seek the understanding of a lost heritage, and the existent true purpose when entering a future freely lived in love.

Beauty, wisdom, style and grace are obtainable.

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