The 4 S’s (Part 1)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality

Introducing the four S’s, namely, sensibility, sensitivity, sensuality, and sexuality. What does sensibility mean? Sensibility is the five practical senses interacting with the physical brain, allowing sensory systems to play an integral part interpreting as they do the daily human activity of emotional thought.

Then we have sensitivity, which goes beyond the practical expression of thinking. Sensitivity is related more to an inner pattern of feelings that you carry within your system, more refined and receptive than emotions.

In the sensual state of humans we can say there are three type casts or levels of sexually active creatures. These can be classified as physical, sensuous, and intellectual. Let us purposefully study the act of fornication regarding these types. The physical partner is all for a direct attitude, an attack of excitement in the act, and can with little effort repeat the sexual contact several times after the initial copulation and the ejaculatory process.

Sensuality is a further level involving sexuality, which means that instead of getting the excitement from the practicality maintained in the act, rather derives its major pleasure from the touch, the caress, the warmth of involvement, which builds a slow excitement towards a climax. So in that area the person is only proportionally fixated on the act in a physical fashion and is not likely to have more than one orgasm in a session.

The third level occurs between two people who have gone beyond the practical and sensual levels though they can embrace both when suitable.  They have become intellectually sexual where they agree that sexual interactivity must carry inner purpose, even if it only gives to the mind and body a certain amount of lubrication, which allows natural functionality.

In their level of understanding it does not have to have the excitement of tearing off each other’s clothes on the way to the bed or the floor. So they are prepared to be sexually involved, a purposeful intimacy benefiting the locality of mind and physicality, but it does not satisfy them intellectually because they are aware of some elements being missing. Among those missing pages in the book is what we term feelings.

Now just like you all humans carry a proportion of those three types.  So to take you back to the four S’s – Sensibility is where you are first aware that you have the activity of arousal in recognition of your sexuality. Then there is sensitivity, which is the initial feeling of enjoyment in touching and being touched. Then comes sensuality, which we suggest is a deeper involvement with a measurement of features that include an acquired taste for conjoining. Then there is a blast of orgasmic pleasure and the repleteness of the sexual arousal for the time being.

To be continued.

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