The 4 S’s (Part 3)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality


When we talk about the sensual level we are not talking necessarily as it being kinaesthetic.  Although kinaesthetic is a secondary level with it, so it will work. The sensuality is diving further into the female connectivity, into the female level of unison and absorption. 

Sexuality comes more online with the unification of male and female internally. There is no separation; there is no idea or ideal of male, female, beyond the mind. It is not that you need to be androgynus.  It means that there is no delineation between male and female. There is no desire for being on top or being better than or bigger than. But there is still more. If you can relate to sexuality from within then you can relate to anybody, every body and most specifically the Great Mother.

When you are dancing, although there are two people they are as one. There is no delineation. No separation.  Beauty.

The Mother is asking her daughters to envelope themselves in a diaphanous gown that is sheer in exposure to the light of essence to replace the moth-eaten drab rags of ego presence. 

The purpose of the gown is to experience first the sensitivity of touch, the sensuality in being, and then appreciate your blossoming sexuality as an appreciation of blossoming Womanhood.

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