The Divine Womanhood Movement…

Reclaim Lost Ground

Divine Womanhood is specifically designed to introduce to the quality measures of Wisdom, Beauty, Style and Grace that in female expression endorses Love energy.

People have been misled by ideas that promote love as a feeling expressed in the main towards others who are seen as attractive.

Divine Womanhood has been set up to promote the full qualities of womanhood.  The aim is to reclaim the lost ground of female energy that was forced to submerge under the systematic abuses of male superiority. 

Womanhood as a product has been sold short because young girls have been raised and educated to be submissive in endorsing male culture. 

That method works in favour of maintaining male control and does not verify within females the Wisdom and Beauty that are pillars symbolic of Love. There is to be a shift from the extremes of the old world feminine and the power driven feminist to balance and merge with stylish grace, elegance, wit, inner beauty and wisdom.

Divine Womanhood offers the opportunity to have a greater understanding of the energy that demonstrates life.  Some people call it Truth.  We call it Love.  It is an energy that can only be found within each individual person.  The doorway to greater understanding and appreciation of who we are is to enquire within ourselves.  The future benefits of people will flow with renewed standards of respect in personal, family and communal relationships.

The traumas of the world are a projection of the inner turmoil that is retained within each of us.  When we work to clear away our own dramas and resolve past issues then the inner harmony exudes a radiance, which energizes us and has an influence on others, with the upshot of “I want to share in what she is having”.

Women are to become the leading lights in building greater communal purpose.  Future growth for Divine Womanhood is to establish communal discussions that embrace, develop and expand on the topics of living with health, wealth, and enriched relationships.  Everything starts from within.  Each new step falters until it gains strength.

The advancement of Womanhood and their role in resolving world pain is an area of work that will be promoted globally through the wider understanding of Divine Womanhood.  There is to be a reclaiming of the female energy through a progression of joy, a harmonious balance from within each person that overflows into family relationships.

We invite everyone to share in these exciting times ahead.  Now is the opportunity to lay the foundations for a life worth living.  Women are meant to unify in the cause of Love.  Together we will build a grander future for all children and their children by clearing away the imbalances presently contaminating the human system.

Female energy is understated.  For that reason, Divine Womanhood is necessary to equalize a balance missing between male and female understanding.

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