The New Day of Female Energy is here!

The New Day

Societal structuring for far too long has been distorted, misshapen by an overload of male conditioning, which in present times is rapidly weakening both male and female energy. 

What is required today is a communal voice promoting a more developed understanding of energy in WOMANHOOD.  No single body will achieve the necessary interaction to progress human worth while crying alone in the wilderness. 

There is a swell of determined effort waiting its moment to arise in the breasts of women.  It will have its recognition through LOVE.  It will have its say through INTELLIGENCE.  It will play its part in closing down the ugly faces maintained in institutional practices that continue to contaminate the air with a foulness all human creatures breathe without respite. 

It is the female energy that is to promote wisdom and beauty through embracing Love, which energy forms the basic foundation for Intelligence.  From the womb of Love comes the New Day child of intelligent growth to take its place in a future communal development superseding all dissident areas of male power. 

Many males carry an abundance of Female Energy. The movement incompasses all whom carry Female Energy, and those whom wish to retain balance of energy and mind. Enjoin with all, including male counterparts who endorse Female Energy and become truly representative of Womanhood.  

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