The Offer – What is Divine Womanhood (D.W)?

Communal Purpose

The wording of Divine Womanhood is set up to promote the full qualities of Womanhood.

Divine Womanhood offers the opportunity to have a greater understanding of the energy that represents Life.  We call the energy, Love. The aim is to reclaim the lost ground of female energy that was forced to submerge under the systematic abuse of male superiority.

Women are to become the leading lights in building a greater communal purpose.

Female energy is understated.  For that reason, Divine Womanhood is necessary to equalize a balance missing between male and female understanding.

Divine Womanhood will break through, it will break out. 

It will demonstrate the vitality of Beauty.  It will declare the classic example of Wisdom.  It will promote Style and it will endorse Grace.  These four major symbolic patterns will bring into the inherent new human life level of Love acknowledgement.

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