What is Wisdom? Can it be obtained?

Wisdom is the ability to know that we do not know.  When we reach that point all doors are open.

One does not demand or command wisdom.  One simply waits in turn thus letting the flower open.  Being rather than doing.

Wisdom forms from the source of life.  It can neither be given nor accepted.  It has to be earned, usually by the hard way.  One moment it appears, as a glimpse, and then disappears.

One cannot achieve wisdom.  One can enter a space of mind where wisdom walks.  Only in the state of knowing that we do not know can we open the door which connects us to our higher levels.  Do not name for when we do the door closes.

Wisdom comes unbidden.  This means that wisdom is not on hand nor can it be commanded.  Like children, we must wait our time and turn.  It helps to sit still and be quiet.

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