Love embraces and unifies all

What is the Foundation Of Love? "Love Energy!"
Divine Womanhood is the entry to the next level of human enhancement.
Love cannot be found, only realised.
Strangers are friends we are yet to meet.

Welcome to Divine Womanhood

Women are on the March….

We are connecting with you to share and ignite the essential knowing located within each of us. We are a communal voice, promoting a more developed understanding of female energy, which we identify as Divine Womanhood.

A new level of female development is now available offering a seventh wave of energetic appeal embracing wisdom and beauty. All starts from within. Live with improved health, a wealth of greater understanding, and enduring relationships with endearing qualities. 

This advancement and reclaiming of female energy is an international project, and the role of women in resolving world issues will be promoted globally through internet exchanges with interested players. A progression of joy and balance will overflow into personal and family relationships.

Women are to take their appropriate places in society and communal affairs with the dignity that their long-held back contributions to civil practices deserve. What is required in societies today for the broader benefit of functional development in communities are any number of female voices promoting a more comprehensive understanding of the complex energy located in womanhood.

Uncoordinated, even unrecognizable and subject to denial at this time, there is a groundswell of determined effort waiting its moment to arise in the breasts of females seeking equality and unified activity in collective agreements.

Divine Womanhood promotes the female energy of the Great Mother and the emanating of Love energy.

To share in this communal voice of Love and these exciting times we invite you to connect.

We Are One 

Common Place Song for Womanhood

Noblest worth works ever humbly,
Oft set as unseen
Half the world is toiling dumbly
In the grey routine
Sing, O Poet of the Morrow!
Cheer the weary face
Where brave women moil and sorrow
In the commonplace!

Unknown Author


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